Power Transformers for Tube Amplifiers

We make custom power transformers for tube amplifiers.

Because of the wide range of customer amplifiers designs, we do not carry any standard power transformers.

A typical power transformer will have a high voltage winding and one or more filament windings.

Some designs also call for a bias winding.

We can include a copper foil electrostatic shield between the primary and secondary windings to reduce feedthrough of power line transients.

There are four different transformer mounting styles available: Horizontal, Lay down, Vertical, and Fully Mounted.

Not all mounting styles are available in all sizes.

The size of the transformer is determined by the VA rating of all the secondaries combined.


Transformer Mounting Styles

Horizontal Mounting

This is our most common type of power transformer mounting.



Lay Down Mounting

Also known as "Drop Through" mounting. Requires a large rectangular cutout in the chassis.



Vertical Mounting

Vertical mounting takes up less space on the chassis.



Vertical Fully Mounted

Fully mounted end bells wrap around the core slightly and hide the lead wires.


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